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Welcome to the homepage of Petros operations in the Tillystock Field, Barola

The Tillystock oilfield lies 30 miles ESE off the island of Barola in the Caribbean Sea. Waters in the operating area are around 100 metres (328 feet) deep. The area is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Barola Department of Energy and Natural Resources. Tillystock oilfield is located at contract area 15/11.


Petros in Barola

Petros is proud to have served Barola since the 1930's. Our downstream petroleum distribution operation is the largest fuels distributor on the island - read more at www.petrosbarola.com


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Petros E&P Offshore (Barola) Ltd

Petros E&P Offshore is a division of Petros Group BV, which is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The E&P Contract


The Petroleum Exploration Contract provides Petros with a 100 year tenure. It was signed between the company and the Department of Energy and Natural Resources on 21 October 1986 in Bond Town by ‘Petros Offshore E&P Corporation BV’, and now operated by Petros E&P Offshore (Barola) Ltd ('PEPO').


Tillystock field is located at contract area 15/11.

Barola Area 15/11 Assets


Petros’ production assets include:


- Production platform “Caspian Explorer”


- A disconnectible floating production storage and offloading tanker (FPSO) “Caspian Ghost II”


- 10 miles (13.6km) of subsea pipelines.




All operations must abide by the Group Environmental Policy, signed by the Group CEO in 2012.


Petros Group published its first environmental policy over twenty years ago, and this has been updated at regular intervals since.


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